Horn Of Africa Fishing


Horn of Africa Fishing has developed its commercial activities from a small fishing company in Bosaso called Puntland in 1992 to large fishery, this is due to the increasing demand for fresh fish, frozen fish and sea food delicacies. Horn of Africa Fishing has built a modern cold store with fish processing facility and Ice plant to cover the demand. All of our production and packaging are handled in a time-efficient and stringently hygienic manner in a temperature-controlled environment.

Whole Fish

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Sliced Fish

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Salmon Fish

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Horn Of Africa Fishing Processing Factory

Our new fish processing factory is located on the beach of Bosaso city and it occupies a 30,000 meter sqaure land.Our production capacity is over  a 1000 ton a day and we supply both local and our international clients a high quality product as we fellow our HACCP plane in place.We serve the demands from Middle East ,Europe and Asia as per their specification and their choices of seafood. Our supplies contain not only whole fish,slice or fillets but different types of seafood such as crabs,lobestres,shrimps and prawns.